Can a Sparkling Water Maker Help Save the Planet?

Can a Sparkling Water Maker Help Save the Planet?


Are you concerned about global warming and other environmental issues?

Does bottle and can waste drive you crazy?

Do you wish you could do more to help our planet ... and carbonate almost any drink at the same time?

A Thousand Small Steps Make a Journey

Our mission at Drinkmate is not only to bring you more delicious, healthy, sparkling drinks, but to reduce the vast amount of bottle and can waste going into landfills. Many of our customers purchased the Drinkmate or the Drinkmate Spritzer because of similar concerns. They believe that if each of us does our small part to reduce waste, the planet will be a healthier place to live!

Helping You Have Fun, Be Healthier, and Save Money

We’ve said it before – with Drinkmate you can avoid lugging boxes of bottled or canned water home and then lugging the empty containers back to the store for the deposit. You can make sparkling water with the Drinkmate and add absolutely no sugar. The Drinkmate can carbonate virtually any drink, and instead of buying bottles and cans, you just send the CO2 cylinders back to us for re-use when you order new ones.

Enjoy the Environment While Keeping it Healthy

Don’t forget, the Drinkmate Spritzer can go wherever you go. It’s light, portable, and convenient. Grab it when you’re heading out for a hike, toss it in the picnic basket, or pack it with your camping gear. Why not have sparkling water in the wilderness? If you prefer an adult beverage around the campfire, you can add sparkle to that, too!

We’re in This Together

The world keeps shrinking, and it’s getting more and more important to work together to build a positive culture and a safe, healthy environment. The planet you save today will be the home of your friends and children for generations to come, especially if take care of it. Reusing CO2 cylinders and cutting down on sugar are just two tiny things we can to together to help.

And while you’re sitting around the fire or the TV with your friends, remember that you don’t all have to drink the same drink to enjoy each other’s company. The Drinkmate and Drinkmate Spritzer can carbonate virtually any beverage! You don’t have to buy syrup or add sugar to your drinks unless you want to. Your friend might want a sparkly margarita, you might want a cold brew or a bubble sports drink.

It's Super Easy to Get Started

Buying your Drinkmate sparkling water maker is easy. Just select the product you want here and add it to your shopping cart!

Ordering new CO2 cylinders is easy! Drinkmate will take back your empty CO2 cylinders to be cleaned, inspected, refilled, and reused. We automatically include a prepaid return label on all new CO2 pack orders. Just reuse the box and apply the supplied label. When we receive them, we'll email you a gift card rebate for your next purchase!

Drinkmate comes with a 2-year consumer warranty and a 1-year warranty for commercial use. The Drinkmate Spritzer is warranted for 1 year of consumer use, and six months for commercial use.

Don’t Wait – It’s Time for Some Sparkle!

Ready to buy the Drinkmate or the Drinkmate Spritzer? Shop here! You’ll love the extra sparkle in your life!

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